No. Date    Name              Service Project

1   1932-01-01 Wetherbee, Clifford         Projects not required
2   1932-01-01 Patterson, Robert            Projects not required
3  1944-01-01 Carvill, Gordon                 Projects not required
4   1960-01-01 Carbary, Forrest              Projects not required
5   1962-01-01 Ousley, Douglas               Projects not required
6   1963-01-01 Head, John J.                   Projects not required
7   1965-01-01 Piecewicz, Walter M.       Projects not required
8   1965-01-01 Ware, William B.             Projects not required
9   1966-01-01 Ousley, David A.              Projects not required
10  1974-01-01 Alving, Todd                    Refurbished and rebuilt disposal units around town
11  1974-01-01 Wendell, Jeff                    Bicycle maintenance and safety education program
12  1983-01-01 Walrath, David                Catalogued information about Stow veterans
13  1984-01-01 Benoit, John Paul           Marble Hill: Blazed trail; Built 16 signs
14  1984-01-01 Bernklow, Gary               Prepared, refitted, and refinished trash barrels
15  1990-01-01 Curtis, Jack                       Maps of Bolton for use by emergency vehicles
16  1991-01-01 Kunselman, David            Installed bird houses near Ministers Pond
17  1994-01-01 Kavaleski, Michael           Conducted a local diaper drive
18  1994-01-01 Li, Kevin                           Marked trails in Stow Town Forest
19  1995-01-01 Casabona, Anthony        Parking area for the Old West School in Stow
20  1995-01-01 Li, Christopher                Map sign for Sargent Farm conservation land
21  1996-01-01 Kunselman, Robert         Built and installed bird houses in Minister Pond
22  1997-01-01 Langenwalter, Keith       Bat houses in Gardner Hill Nature area
23  1997-01-01 Li, Gregory                        Created topographical map of the Delaney Project
24  1997-01-01 Walsh, Brian                     Catalogued and re-bound books at Nashoba HS
25  2000-01-01 Hofmann, Wil                  Installed signs at Stow conservation properties
26  2000-01-01 Hyde, David                     Built information board at the Stow Town Forest
27  2000-01-01 Lauritano, Steven             Landscaped and painted outside of Town garage
28 2000-01-01 Wood, John                       Landscaped Union Church, planting new shrubs
29 2000-01-01 Wood, Michael                  Refinished five classrooms at Union Church
30  2002-03-28 Amos, Barrett                   Log Cabin environmental classroom near Hale
31  2002-05-06 Samson, Mitch                  Renovated landscaped Plantation Apartments
32  2002-05-06 Welch, Alex                        Board walk connecting Center and Hale Schoolds
33  2003-10-08 Amos, Duncan                   Built benches and signs at Bradley Lane
34  2003-10-08 Tamker, Ben                      Sign and path for Kalousdian Wildlife Sanctuary
35  2003-11-18 Bawn, Andrew                     Installed signs and info kiosk at Pine Bluff
36  2003-11-18 Maloney, Patrick                 Bird blind between Center and Hale schools
37  2003-11-25 Tyler, David                          Floating rafts for Stow Town Beach at Pine Bluff
38  2004-08-30 Cutting, Andrew                Renovated St. Isidore’s Church kitchen
39  2004-08-30 Trinkaus-Randall, Chris   Soccer backboard at Pine Bluff Recreation Area
40  2004-09-09 Makary, Shane                   Mapped Lower Village Cemetery on kiosk
41  2004-12-13 Debenedetto, Josh              Bike rack and emergency signs at Hale School
42  2004-12-13 Ruggiero, Casey                  Mapped Hillside Cemetery on kiosk
43  2005-01-17 Sangermano, Michael        Map boxes for trail junctions in town forest
44  2005-02-21 Blanton, Robert                 Marked trails, kiosk at Grace Baptist Church
45  2005-05-23 Bolton, Timothy                Repaired vandalized gazebo at Hale School
46  2005-05-23 Kerr, Cameron                   Built benches for Stow Town Beach at Pine Bluff
47  2005-09-27 Peters, Jonathan                Landscaped local church and planted shrubs
48  2005-12-01 Hogan, Connor                   Built baseball dugout at Hale School
49  2005-12-01 Sacra, Scott M                     Installed table and fencing at Flagg Hill
50  2005-12-20 Tyler, Geoffrey                   W Acton garage into a conservation classroom
51  2006-04-18 Bernklow, Michael            Brochure for historical markers at Fort Devens
52  2006-06-28 Langelo, Ben                     Bird houses and signs for Headway Lifecourse
53  2009-06-02 Blanton, Dan                     Kiosks at trail junctions in Town Forest
54  2010-06-26 Gjeltema, Peter J.              Built park bench overlooking Pine Bluffs
55  2010-08-11 Paladini, Daniel S.              Kiosk at Timberedge entrance to town forest
56  2010-12-28 Zelle, Jason                          Installed tennis backboard at Snow property
57  2011-08-03 Michael Piantedosi             Landscaped at school for special needs students
58  2011-09-13 Ethan Rejto                          Landscaped access to Boxboro skating pond
59  2011-11-30 John Slattery III                   Documentary film about Old West School
60  2012-05-10 Harrison Krantz                  Informational kiosk at Stow Community Park
61  2012-06-26 Erick Benoit                         Landscaping and drainage at Stow Fire Station
62  2012-09-04 Zachary Gjeltema               Refurbished pump house at Pine Bluffs area
63  2012-10-16 Peters,Christopher              Stairs and railing at Pine Bluffs Beach access
64  2013-07-02 Benoit, Kevin James          “Magazu’s Landing” at Assabet on Sudbury Rd
65  2013-12-01 Glauner, Matthew               Information kiosk at Track Road
66  2014-05-17 Traverse, Luke                     Gazebo and landscape at Sudbuy church
67  2014-09-14 Gross, Liam                          Picnic tables at Tuttle lane community gardens
68  2014-11-26 Taft, Thomas                        Sign for Red Acre Village on Red Acre Rd
69  2014-12-16 Perkins, Jack                        Installed picnic tables at Nashoba Regional
70  2015-07-02 Benoit, Timothy                 Police recognition monument and markers
71  2015-08-06 Travalent, Michael             Painted and refurbished Randall Library
72  2015-12-15 Nick Doiron                          Raised garden bed and bench at Plantation Apts
73  2015-12-15 Chris Doiron                         Kayak rack and paddle box at town beach
74  2016-02-04 Aidan Gross                        Picnic area in Stow Town Forest
75  2016-08-16 Garrett Magnussen            Gaming table patio at Plantation Apartments
76  2016-11-15 Jim Ervin                              Boardwalk on Red Acre conservation land
77  2017-11-02 Noah Travalent                   Boardwalk over swamp at Kunelius land
78  2017-11-02 Max Buchholz                     Information kiosk at Pine Bluff
79  2018-03-28 Eli Bachtell                        Picnic tables and grills at town beach
80  2018-05-15 Quinn Gross                      Boardwalk in Sheppard Memorial Woodland
81  2018-10-10 Edmund Burke                  Pop-up library at town beach
82  2018-11-14 Connor Bernklow              Flag retirement box/fire ring at Pompo
83  2019-12-04 Luke Piotte                        New signs at Pine Bluffs
84  2020-02-27 Christian Eld                    New kiosk at community garden on Tuttle Lane
85  2020-05-21 Liam Hall                          New kiosk at Small Farm
86  2020-05-21 Jude Porter                       Gaga pit at Pine Bluffs
87  2020-11-23 Dylan Gross                      Wildlife area fencing for study
88  2020-12-09 Matt Ervin                        Boardwalk between Center and Hale
89  2021-12-15 Drew Abrutyn                    Boardwalk over wetlands
90  2021-12-15 Ethan Henry                      Benches at Leggett Property
91  2022-08-17 Andrew Sears                    Refurbish Gazebo at Hale School
92  2022-12-05 Jack Peterson                   Created veteran’s honor book
93  2023-06-05 Ben Doty                           Foot bridge, green trail in Stow Town Forest
94  2023-09-20 Ronan Wheeler               Boardwalk in Stow Town Forest
95  2023-12-04 Max Valentino                  Foot bridge at Marble Hill