TOSA Decathlon!

The Annual TOSA Decathlon is held the weekend after Labor Day and is our premier membership event (so far). All members in good standing are welcomed to participate in the grueling competition which measures individual achievement as well as teamwork.  Here’s how it works:

All participants compete against each other in a series of 11 events of athletic skill, derring-do, intelligence, luck, and guile.  Some of the events are included every year such as badminton, darts, target shooting, double ball.  The remaining events are chosen by the participants and have included horseshoes, frisbee, trivia, knife throwing, golf, poker, ping-pong, and free throw shooting.  Points are awarded to each participant based on their placement in each event, and the overall points winner takes home the TOSA Cup.

2009 Winner Gary Bernklow and runner-up John Wood

Awards are also presented for 2nd and 3rd place, and to the winning team.  Teams are determined at random prior to the start of the events.  In 2010, the ManScouts were victorious.

We hope to make the TOSA Decathlon an absolute “must-do” event for our alumni members and hope to see you next Summer.  Below are the final results from the 2010 Decathlon.

Gary prevailed in 2010, barely.

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