Troop 1 Stow 100th Anniversary
These are some great shots of the festivities celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Troop 1 Stow. The event was held at the Collings Foundation and included alumni from across the country and the troop’s 3rd ever Eagle Scout, Gordon Stow Carville.
Old and random troop and member photos
Just what it sounds like.  These are some random member photos that have been sent in, some old troop photos and newspaper/magazine articles.  Some great stuff from our members.

Troop Charters
Scanned images of Troop 1’s official charters, granted by the National Council of the BSA.  We’re missing some years, but these date all the way back to 1916.
TOSA Eagle Scouts
A small collection of pictures from some of the Eagles from Troop 1 and their projects. More will be added over time.
2012  TOSA Decathlon
There have been four TOSA Decathlons, with the last three being held in Sebago Maine. The first was held in Stow at the Tamker and Bernklow residence. Enjoy the candid shots of the participants and the various events which make up the annual TOSA Decathlon
Utah 2009;  Grand Staircase of the Escalante National Monument
These photos were taken during the TOSA expedition to Utah in the fall of 2009.  Members Gary Bernklow, JP Benoit, Ben Tamker, John Wood, Mike Wood, and Jon Peters hiked the canyons of the Escalante, Zion National Park, and the wilds of Las Vegas during 7-day trip in the fall of 2009.


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